Where Knowledge Ends, Faith Begins

May 19, 2016

This letter is written with an inspiration from God. At mass this morning there was a CERTAIN FORM OF ENLIGHTENMENT that came over my being, and I almost hesitated to entertain it. But it was mighty strong and overpowering.

Tomorrow is election day. And most of us have voted weeks ago.

And the rest of us who will be casting the votes today and tomorrow may be the TRUE LINK to this nation's future- because as we watch the trend of voting -this is a very close race indeed. Democrats, Republicans, Independent Voters, Swing voters, Citizens who will not be voting (because they want to make a statement - all their own).

I am no expert in politics and I have a lot to learn. But I understand certain principles and policies and values and morals that I was taught at a very young age.

- I was taught that everyone is God's loving creation -no exception! If all your children are "normal" -good for you. But someone who may have challenges with their child has the same and equal outpouring of love from our God. So why discriminate?

- I was taught to respect everyone's opinion on life's issues and everything there is under the sun. After all -we were created unique and authentic. No carbon copies.

- I was taught that kindness is a virtue that we were all born with -we just need to move it to the forefront and exercise the use of it more intensely.

- I was taught that selflessness is a character we can all develop more - because when we give of ourselves there is a certain magical joy that no material possessions can match. Simply a sheer bliss that lasts.

- I have learned that holding on to grudges about anyone or anything robs us of the genuine joy that a very fast faced life with no guarantee of tomorrow - can bring.

Where am I taking you with this letter?


Our lives have been complicated by many different ideologies that have confused our spirits and our beings.BUT we are all created by a HIGHER being. However we conceive Him to be and however we want to call Him.

Who among us was born out of the sand or the trees or miraculously fell from the sky?

I can bet a dollar on the reality and fact -THAT YOU and ME both were conceived from the womb of a woman -whom we call MOTHER.

Today is a very enlightening sort of day.

The US Elections have brought us out of the woodwork and have given all of us a VOICE to express our sentiments -however we choose to do it... we have passionately fought for what we believe in...

we have zealously invited the masses to go out and be heard. We have already made history just by being actively VISIBLE like never before. And it is all okay! Most of all, some of us have learned to PRAY as a community.

Conflicts of opinions and sentiments ensue... some are ready to fight for it with their lives. But some quietly walk away with a peaceful sense of surrender.

When we look at what is going on in the world - from the day to day challenges to the major disasters..from the day to day routine to the major successes and accomplishments...Let us not forget where we have been and where we choose to go.

Let us simplify and pause - Let us not complicate life any more than it already is.

Let us look to our families and our children -and those we love...and maybe...just maybe -get a chance to reach out to those who have no one to love them ...

There is so much good we can all do in the world -if we just think outside our little box that is wrapped in "ME".

I am making a choice today -( some of you may not agree with me on my discourse -and I have no plans of responding to your disagreement) I have just expressed my honest opinion on something I believe in.

I am regular and ordinary person with simple ideals and humble ambitions. I am a simple person inspired by a genuine passion to lead those that follow and to follow those that lead -with values taught by our forefathers.

Truth. Integrity. Honesty. Godliness. Equality. Respect

I have also learned that Presidents of the past shaped our today's with ideas that blossomed into our deep rooted ideals. We have been a nation of selfless service that reaches out across the seas and all over the globe.

This once great nation can be GREATER again - If only - WE - its people start kneeling again and folding our hands in uncomplicated and childlike prayer -instead of fueling useless fires -and smothering the nation's already wounded spirit.

Let us douse our misdirected and inflamed principles with broad minded openness to the beliefs we inherited from our ancestors and forefathers and re-ignite a bipartisan demeanor and unadulterated unity- so that this nation can rise above to its inherent greatness.

May the best servant with genuine interest for its constituents' welfare WIN with the blessings from above.

This United States of America is one GOD LED Nation -indivisible -with liberty and justice for all.