School Supplies Delivered

School Supplies Delivered

School supplies were delivered and distributed to parents and children in Balatas and Gainza. They sent us the following message as a thank you for our efforts to provide them with school supplies. Please read below.

“The parents and children of Balatas and Gainza would like to thank all the benefactors and sponsors of The Anawim Inc., for the love and support that they generously give to the Anawim children.

May god continue to bless you and give you good health so that you may continue to support The Anawim in sending poor children to school. We are waiting for the time when we can see each other so that we can thank you personally for all these blessings.

God bless you more. Thank you very much!                                                                                     

Lovingly Yours,

Balatas and Gainza parents and children