Philippines Visit 2016

Saturday, April 02, 2016, 3:05am
Good early morning Naga time.
Unable to sleep ... Jet lagged. 
But savoring the close encounter with our newly welcomed members of Anawim from San Ramon and Gainza. 
25 families from each area. 
Very grateful families. 
I was touched by the labor of love that the San Ramon parents especially prepared for all of us. 
They gave with all they had. 
They gave with their hands and their hearts.  
The joy and gratitude in their faces was very contagious. 
I came away so rewarded. 
In these places... I find God's love - unspoiled. 
It is at its purest. 
Tears of refreshing and undiluted sense of surrender to a higher being in control of a very "hardscrabble" yet pristine moment of sheer joy...fell. 
It now reminds me of the scene from the "manger..."
Poorest of places to bear the king of kings... Yet - the most heartwarming place to be. 
How can one not give of oneself to the most divine who created my spirit and my being?
 I savor the moment... In total surrender. 
 From An Anawim servant celebrating the gift of genuine LIVING and Loving.