A Teacher in the Making

The story of an ordinary person from an ordinary family

Written by: Meryl Y. Hermoso  | Area Coordinator

“Always do your best, and God will do the rest”, a guiding philosopy that pushes Jonel L. Tangelon to move further and further towards his not-so-possible-dream of the past, but now turning into a light on his path to becoming somebody someday, one day.

Anawim Roller Coaster Experience

"'never give up' scribbled in big, bold letters on his shirt"

Written by: Liza Gonzales | April 3, 2017 1:20am

Dear Anawim Sponsors, Supporters, Friends and Benefactors,

Please allow us to share our recent experience with you when we visited our Anawim families on March 26-28th, 2017. We would like to express our deep and heartfelt gratitude for your support of our mission.

​​​​​​​It is hard to put into words what the naked eye has seen and what the heart has felt... with one's spirit crushed and tears welling down one's cheeks - flowing in immediate and natural reaction to the pity and helplessness one feels for the deplorable condition one has witnessed. 

Moving Beyond The Crisis

A sign of care, house for the homeless, rebuilding lives.

This is an initial account of the marks left by Typhoon Nina.

Prepared by: Rose B. Dy

When events are not in our control.

Typhoon Nina came to Camarines Sur at a time when the merriest moment should have been celebrated. Its coming was surely anticipated, (what with the endless news over the radio [even a week before]and an hourly update on television from PAG-ASA & social media, about a super typhoon to hit Bicol, no less.

And so it came to pass - come December 25, 2016 (between 9:00 p.m. to 2 A.M.), the movement of strong winds and rain wreak havoc on properties, houses, rice lands/other agricultural crops, cut down trees and electrical connections, and in some places, floodings occurred.

Where Knowledge Ends, Faith Begins

This letter is written with an inspiration from God.

At mass this morning there was a CERTAIN FORM OF ENLIGHTENMENT that came over my being, and I almost hesitated to entertain it. But it was mighty strong and overpowering.

Tomorrow -is election day. And most of us have voted weeks ago. And the rest of us who will be casting the votes today and tomorrow may be the TRUE LINK to this nation's future- because as we watch the trend of voting -this is a very close race indeed. Democrats, Republicans, Independent Voters, Swing voters, Citizens who will not be voting (because they want to make a statement - all their own).

I am no expert in politics and I have a lot to learn. But I understand certain principles and policies and values and morals that I was taught at a very young age…

Philippines Visit 2016

Saturday, April 02, 2016, 3:05am

Good early morning Naga time. Unable to sleep ... Jet lagged. 

But savoring the close encounter with our newly welcomed members of Anawim from San Ramon and Gainza. 

25 families from each area. Very grateful families. I was touched by the labor of love that the San Ramon parents especially prepared for all of us. 

They gave with all they had. They gave with their hands and their hearts.  The joy and gratitude in their faces was very contagious. 

I came away so rewarded. In these places... I find God's love - unspoiled. 

2nd Inspire Anawim Gala 2014

On April 19, 2014, The Anawim Inc. hosted it's 2nd Inspire Anawim Gala. The event was held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL. Many guest's came to help support this event with their generous donations of love, battled it out for the highest bid in the silent auction area and fellowshipped through dinner and dance.

The event was successful and received well over it's intended goal for raising funds. The projects can now come to fruition with everyone's help!

For more information on how you would like to help in future galas or fundraising please contact us at help@theanawiminc.org