There is always reason to hope. The cries of the poor are loud and clear…They are not only craving to fill their stomach, but also desiring to quench their thirst for the word of God.



For 10 years The Anawim Inc. has helped 275 boys and girls assisting them in their education needs and providing christian formation to the families. Now we can see transformations all over the place because they are inspired, because they are nurtured. In the span of 10 years we were able to help not only the children, but the supporters, benefactors and sponsors. They became God’s presence in their lives too.

“Once we started the breakfast program, giving them eggs in the morning and some of the local produce and the children going to class on a full stomach rather than hungry, we saw how the grades shot up”

— Patrick Gonzales on breakfast feeding program | Co-Chariman


  • Improved grades among students
  • Graduated Valedictorians and Salutatorians
  • Skills Training
  • Microfinancing program for capital to be used for entrepreneurial small business owners