June 2019 Update

We continued sorting and distributing supplies to our children and families in need, who were very happy and grateful to receive much needed school supplies, school uniforms, and shoes. They spent time writing thank you letters to their sponsors and helping each other with the supplies. Parents and beneficiaries joined us for the Mass of the Holy Spirit as well as a special meeting about how we guide each other and important ways parents guide their children. They were very attentive and participated with us in the meeting, sharing their experiences with us and learning from each other. We also visited the construction site in Huyon-Huyon and have included photos of its progress.

May 2019 Update

We are proud of the 10 graduates we had this month in our schools! Our Coordinators spent time this month sorting, preparing, and distributing school supplies to the Anawim. Each box contains a variety of school supplies for the children to use in their upcoming school year. We also spent time meeting with the parents of beneficiaries and doing home visitations for the benefit of our communities. Please see our photos with pictures of children and their families receiving new school supplies and shoes for the new year, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

April 2019 Update

We celebrated the graduation of many of our children this month! Nine students graduated the Matacla Elementary school, four students graduated in Goa Central School, and four students from other institutions were awarded with honors and highest honors for their achievements in the classroom. Please see photos for some of the awards and photos of the graduates - we are so proud of them!

During Lent, our parents and their children participated in the Stations of the Cross every Sunday at the Parish. We also practiced together for the Passion Play, with two Anawim beneficiaries participating in the play held at the Parish’s patio. Afterwards, the beneficiaries and their parents generously offered their services to help with cleanup. We celebrated Easter and spent time together doing good works for each other and our community.

March 2019 Update

We spent time this month visiting households and providing grocery donations to families in need. Children from the Anawim spent time this month writing Easter greetings and thank you letters to all their sponsors for their help in providing living assistance, food, medical care, education, and religious instruction. Our team visited the construction site in Huyon-Huyon with Father Kenny. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their love and support for our families in the Anawim!

December Update

Sister Vangie Soron and Sr. France, and Sr. May led the Parent Advent Reconciliation meeting for about 70 parents on on December 2nd at the Small House Bascilica. During the holiday, Typhoon Unman struck and resulted in a flooding some houses and surrounding areas in Balatas and Gainza.

A parent volunteer, Zero Jay Renta, wrapped towels to send to our seven areas. Other generous parents helped prepare for the holiday festivities. On December 20th, we had a successful Christmas Party! With fun activities and performances from the kids, everyone had a joyous time filled with joyous holiday spirit. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all of our sponsors for their love and support!

November Update

The office was busy making and scanning Christmas cards from the children to be ready for December. Some parents of the Balatas area sold candles and flowers for All Souls and All Saints Day at the Vicinity of Balatas. The third grade class at Mariano Elementary School had their first Holy Communion.

August Update

This month in Cararayan, Ate Liza and Kuya Pat visited and spoke face-to-face with the Anawim children and parents. Their last night there was a “Boodle Fight” dinner celebration with Sr. Ludy, D.M. and the Area Coordinators.

In Tigaon, the children are very thankful for Ms. Monica' Arbello’s generosity and the construction for the new Anawim building in HoyunHoyun.